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Pisces, the Empath Goddess of Healing - Haze Long Fine Art and Resources Store

Created using GAN AI technology, 3D procedural art and digital painting techniques

Creation Date : June 26 2022
Editions : 10/10
Base : GAN AI
Figure : 3D imagery
Complementary : Digital Painting

About The Last Dream:Extended

The Last Dream:EXTENDED are only available for sale on OBJKT and Foundation. 

The Last Dream is an ongoing NFT collection focused on artwork created using AI -human collaboration. There’s a touch of AI in every step of my journey, from art creation to copywriting.. The artworks are a statement of life, both virtual and reality decentralized in the form of art. 

This female-led project is looking to create a close-knit community with the ultimate goal to fund and enjoy a space in one of the upcoming metaverses.

Haze was a victim of child abuse and a huge advocate for this cause. This is also a project that supports charities who focus on child abuse prevention, response and psychological healing.