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Frequently Asked Questions

Procreate & Digital Downloads

  • Purchasing guide

    • Select any option in 'pay what you want' select box

    • Hit add to cart/buy now

    • Checkout securely using PayPal

    • Pls enter a correct email address in order to receive the download link in your email after purchase.

    • You will receive an email to download your purchase. Alternatively, you can wait at the 'thank you' page while your download links generate itself.

    • If you click on the PayPal button instead of checkout, you do not have to provide your billing address.

  • Installation guide

    • Some purchases are stored in a zip, you need to download and unzip in your computer

    • You must unzip using your COMPUTER before you can export to Procreate.

    • Transfer the unzipped files to your iPad using Dropbox/iCloud or Google Drive.

    • In your iPad, navigate to your the unzipped files and tap on ‘export to’ or ‘open in’ 

    • Tap on Procreate

    • Enjoy your resources!

  • I did not receive any download links

    • If you did not receive any email. it is most likely the email you've submitted was incorrect. Pls make your download again with the correct email address

  • I cannot export to Procreate

    • You need to unzip the product first using your computer. Then you can transfer to your iPad and begin exporting to your Procreate. 

  • I don't have a computer and I can't unzip the files.

    • You can download an unzipping app from the App Store and try. 

    • You can also use the live chat at the bottom right corner or email me for direct download links. 

Fine Art

  • How are my paintings shipped?

    • All original fine art are shipped as stretched canvas, ready to hang/frame unless stated. 

    • Bigger paintings might be shipped in a roll together with the stretcher bars in order to reduce shipping costs and risk of damage. Upon receiving, you may get them stretched by a professional.

  • How are my paintings packed?

    • All original fine art are packed with a non-stick paper on the painted surface to prevent paint from sticking to the packaging. 

    • All the paintings are then wrapped with bubble wrap to prevent damage in shipping. Supports for corners may be added for larger paintings. 

  • My purchased painting is the wrong size

    • All paintings in this store contains accurate measurements. Please confirm the measurements before purchase in order to avoid disappointment.

  • Can I refund my fine art purchases?

    • Only fine art purchases that are incorrectly shipped or damaged during shipping are eligible for refund in store credits. 

    • Please take photos to be used as proof for the refund submission. 

  • Can I exchange my fine art purchases?

    • As every piece is unique, we do not provide exchanges for the exact same piece. 

    • Exchanges for another piece may be considered if the returned painting is in the same condition it was before shipped to the customer.

Art Prints, Apparel & Printed Goods

  • I have not received my shipment.

    • Printed goods are a new thing in this store as we are working to improve our services. 

    • Shipping are fulfilled by our partners and delays can happen during peak seasons.

    • Please email me if you have not receive your shipment after 14 days. I will do my best to assist.

  • Product is incorrect, faulty, damaged or different than promoted

    • Printing & quality assurance are fulfilled by our partners and while we can vouch for the quality of the samples we received, we cannot guarantee the quality of the end product our customers receive.

    • However, what we can do is to provide an extensive returns & exchanges service. Kindly head to our returns page to start the refunds process.