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Metamorphosis of the Swan - Haze Long Fine Art and Resources Store

Inspired by past events of abuse. This artwork explores the process of healing and the role of forgiveness from a victim's POV. The cost of forgiveness is usually paid in blood and tears by the victim. Forgiveness is not to be confused with condoning acts of violence. Forgiveness is not for the sake of the assailant. It is just necessary in order for the endless cycle of suffering to end, in order to allow the victim to achieve a functioning identity in the society once more.


Created using GAN AI technology, 3D procedural art and digital painting techniques

Creation Date : July 1 2022
Editions : 1/1
Base : GAN AI
Figure : 3D imagery
Complementary : Digital Painting

About Decorations for the Unliving

Decorations for the Unliving are only available for sale on OBJKT.

A collection of vanilla illustrations telling dark stories. The juxtaposition of the execution and concept makes the compelling artwork unforgettable. 30% AI, 50% digital painting, 20% 3D visual Minted during #1of1 tezos event.