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Black Tears - Haze Long Fine Art and Resources Store

The woman smiled to herself as she stole the cubs. It would cause the cheetah so much pain and sorrow that it would cry two permanent black lines down its cheek. She knew the legend well, and was excited to see the look of devastation on the cheetah's face.

The black tears streamed down her own face as she imagined the anguish that the cheetah was feeling. She was filled with a sadistic joy at being able to cause such pain.

Artist notes

When I was creating this piece, the issues of unethical breeding/kidnapping of animals were very close to my heart. This art tells of a human, tainted by guilt and the sorrow of a mother who lost a child.

How it's created

Artwork created using GAN AI 30%, 3D visuals 20% and digital painting 50%.

Animated in Procreate, AE & FCPX.

You will receive

Video in .mov format, 2160 x 3840px 30fps. Turn on audio, loop to enjoy.


Holder can reach me at should they require the image version or a different video format.


Artwork created using GAN AI 30%, 3D visuals 20% and digital painting 50%.Animated in Procreate, AE & FCPX.

Creation Date : July 17 2022

Editions : 1/1
Base : GAN AI
Figure : 3D imagery
Complementary : Digital Painting

About The Last Dream:Extended

The Last Dream:EXTENDED are only available for sale on OBJKT and The Last Dream can be randomly minted at

The Last Dream is an ongoing NFT collection focused on artwork created using AI -human collaboration. There’s a touch of AI in every step of my journey, from art creation to copywriting.. The artworks are a statement of life, both virtual and reality decentralized in the form of art. 

This female-led project is looking to create a close-knit community with the ultimate goal to fund and enjoy a space in one of the upcoming metaverses.

Haze was a victim of child abuse and a huge advocate for this cause. This is also a project that supports charities who focus on child abuse prevention, response and psychological healing.