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Guided Class - Zoom

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Hi guys, so I've been receiving quite a number of messages and emails requesting for help regarding art, painting and Procreate. I've been thinking on how to approach this for a while and this is the solution I came up with. 

As part of a mentorship programme, I am now offering 3 types of one on one mentorship. 

Email Q & A 

  • For anyone who have questions about art, painting and Procreate in general. You can ask me up to 10 questions and I will answer each of them based on my experience of being a full time professional artist. 
  • This option is great for those of you who already have an idea of MOST things but have SOME queries about painting steps, tools, settings, Procreate workflows etc. You can also ask me to critique your artwork.
  • My job is to fill in the blanks for you the best way I could. 
  • 1 follow up email included if there are some existing points you wanted elaborated/explained further. 

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Zoom Session 20 mins 

  • Exactly the same as Email Q & A, I will reply 10 questions via email + 1 follow up same conditions as above.
  • Add on 20 min Zoom session where I will advice you on other issues you did not question me about. These will be notes given based on your uploaded artwork and submitted questions. We will have a discussion on how I feel you can improve.
  • My job is to provide insights to any artist blocks you are experiencing or about to experience. 

Zoom Session 40 mins

  • Exactly the same as Email Q & A, I will reply 10 questions via email + 1 follow up same conditions as above.
  • Add on 40 min Zoom session where I will make sure you understand my instructions + demo in Procreate/painting etc. 
  • My job is to demonstrate and make sure you understand by observation and listening.

Your name and email in the order will be used to address you. To fully make use of the time I allocated to your mentorship pls fill in the form here which just includes :

  • 1 message box for you to type out your 10 questions
  • upload box for you to upload your .Procreate project file. Instructions in video below :

* Be aware of timezones when you book your slot
* Communication will be in English 

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